Top Professional Pool Deck
Cleaning in Sarasota, FL

Why Pool Deck Cleaning Is Important

Cleaning your pool deck is essential from a maintenance, safety, and aesthetic perspective.

Improves Safety


A moist environment like a pool deck is an ideal habitat for algae, mold, and mildew. All three of these can make the area slippery and dangerous for those using it. Of more concern, perhaps, is the potential for toxic mold. Should the wrong type of mold take root, your family will track it into the home. There, it can wreak havoc, causing respiratory issues.

Helps with Maintenance


Cleaning your pool deck regularly:

Aesthetic Appeal


Aesthetically, there’s nothing that indicates neglect as much as a stained, grimy surface. Pressure cleaning the area lifts all traces of dirt so that you can see the clean layer underneath. It’s so effective that it can look like you refinished the surface.

Why Use Professional Pool Deck Cleaning Services?

A standard garden hose removes some surface dirt but cannot get into the crevices for a deep clean. You can buy a pressure cleaner, but this is risky if you don’t know how to use it. If you cannot control it properly, you risk:

To properly clean the area, you need a washer that has multiple settings. More importantly, however, you need to know when and where you cannot use it.

Our team uses industrial power washers that produce varied pressure. They also have the experience to recognize when they should switch to soft-washing instead. Either way, our team first applies an eco-friendly solvent that loosens ingrained dirt so that we can wash it away.

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